To Appear

Enrahonar, special issue on Aesthetic Questions


Aisthesis, special issue on Public Art and Aesthetics. (with A. Mecacci).


Journal of Somaesthetics, special issue on Artifacts, Bodies, and Aesthetics. (with F. Heinrich).

Studi di estetica, special issue on Aesthetic Mistakes. (with A. Bertinetto).



Rivista di estetica, special issue on New Ontologies of Art, no. 73.1.



Popular Inquiry: The Journal of the Aesthetics of Kitsch, Camp and Mass Culture, special issue on Aesthetics of Popular Art. (with M. Salwa), no. 2.1.

Selected Publications

(drafts available upon request)


“Public Art in (Local) Cummunities: Multiple Publics and the Dynamic Between Them”. Aisthesis, 15 (1): 5—14,

(with M. Maliszewska) 


“Remarks on Everyday Aesthetic Experience”, [in] Social and Technological Aspects of Art, (eds) I. Vidmar Jovanović, V.M. Sputnik, 113—126.


“Object and Soma: Remarks on Aesthetic Appreciation of Design”, The Journal of Somaesthetics, 7 (2): 72—82,

(with M. Favara-Kurkowski)

“Aesthetic Eating”. The Croatian Journal of Philosophy, XXI (2): 269—284. 

“What is Wrong with Failed Art?”, Studi di estetica, 19 (1): 123, (with A. Bertinetto)


“The Ontology of Landscapes”,

Rivista di estetica, LXI 75 (2): 164—183, (with M. Salwa)

“What is an Urban Atmosphere?”, Contemporary Aesthetics, special issue on Urban Aesthetics, (with M. Salwa)



“Artworks' Bodies”, The Journal of Somaesthetics, 5 (1): 37-45

“Tasting the Truth: The Role of Food and Gustatory Knowledge in Hannibal”,

The Croatian Journal of Philosophy, XIX (2): 297-314.



“How to Frame Edible Art”, The Nordic Journal of Aesthetics, 55-56 (1): 82-97.

(A shorten version of the paper received Young Scholars Award granted by the International Association for Aesthetics, 2019)

“Law and TV Series”, Brill Research Perspectives on Art and Law, 2 (2): 1-74. (with M. Salwa).


“Aesthetic Encounters: Nespolo’s Artworks and Everyday Aesthetics”, [in:] Davide Dal Sasso, Daniela Angelucci (eds.),Philosophical Essays on Ugo Nespolo's Art and Cinema, (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing): 55-67.




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“Authenticity Manifested: Street Art and Artification”, Rivista di estetica, LVII 64.1: 168-185.


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“Artification and the Ontology of Art”, Proceedings of the European Society for Aesthetics, volume 5: 53- 66.